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The Garden Isle


2024 Diver's Special
Taveuni Island

7Nts Paradise Taveuni

7 Nights
11 Dives
2024 Diver's Special
Taveuni Island

5Nts Paradise Taveuni

5 Nights
7 Dives


Paradise Taveuni


This gorgeous island is known in Fiji as the ‘Garden Island’ due to its extraordinary biodiversity and the vast array of flora.

An island of volcanic peaks, luscious forest and rugged coastlines, it’s undoubtedly a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you enjoy delving into nature, jungle hikes, showering in cascading falls, watching exploding geysers and admiring a stunning array of soft coral, then this is your perfect destination.

60% of this island is protected National Park, and it’s home to the country’s second-highest summit, Mt Uluiqalau. It’s a nature lover’s paradise.

Taveuni has a tropical climate with an evident wet and dry season. The temperatures tend to be warm all year, although the humidity in the wet season can make the heat feel more acute.


Wet Season: December to April

There is a higher volume of rainfall over this period and, combined with average temperatures of 30ºC, the humidity is high too. This time of year brings the occasional tropical cyclone to the island. If you are planning on visiting Fiji during the wet season, keep in mind that January tends to be the hottest month and March has the highest rainfall.


Dry season: May to November

The rain starts to decrease from May, as temperatures drop and the humidity becomes less fierce. The average temperature is around 25ºC, although, hotter days may reach 30ºC. If you are planning a visit during the dry season, keep in mind that July has the lowest average daily temperature and rainfall.




Taveuni is known in Fiji as the soft coral capital, home to the world-famous Somosmo Strait which runs between the islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu.

This Strait is most well known as “Rainbow Reef” and for a good reason! Strong tidal currents provide the ideal backdrop in delivering a constant flow of nutrients for stunning multicoloured soft coral growth.

These healthy coral ecosystems are home to flourishing reef life, from colourful little fish and critters up to pelagics such as barracudas, reef sharks and manta rays.

Although these currents allow life to flourish, from a diver’s perspective, they provide for a beautiful drift dive and a gentle helping hand along the reef wall. 


Water Temperature

The sea temperature in the wet season sits at around 30°C, wear a rashie and boardies to keep the UV off or a 3mm wetsuit if you feel the cold.

In the height of the dry season, the water temperature can get as low as 22°C, a 5mm wetsuit is advisable. 


Dive Season

Diving can be done year-round, although the primary diving season is April to October as this is when the visibility is the best. July through to September can have choppy surface conditions. 

For an increased chance of seeing mantas, visit between November and May. If it’s turtles you’re after, October to April are the best months to visit.


Dive Highlights

The Great White Wall

This is one of the country's most well-known dive sites. As you come upon this section, you will be utterly blown away by the blanket of white coral covering vast swathes of the reef. The wall itself plummets down to the abyss and rises to the surface. Recommended for advanced divers only, as you can quickly lose track of your depth as the walls’ myriad of life draws you in and captivates your attention. 


The Cabbage Patch

The clue with this dive is in the name! Easily likened to coming across a substantial underwater paddock of oversized cabbages, layers and layers of pristine coral provide a home for a wide array of marine life.




If you enjoy getting out into nature, then the ‘Garden Island’ is your perfect destination. Go bird watching in the National Parks and see rare tropical species such as Orange Breasted Doves, Silktails, Ferntails and Parrots. Take a hike along the rugged volcanic coast to Matamaiqi blowhole, or up to Bouma Waterfalls for a dip in a natural pool.



There are a few culturally unique experiences in Taveuni. Like many south pacific islands, a local village visit is highly recommended to get a feel for local history and traditions. Taveuni is also home to the Warrior Burial Cave, a lava tube over a third of a kilometre long which was used by local people to bury their fallen warriors unobserved. It’s also worth visiting the European relics that remain, including the Catholic Mission Church which was built in 1907. Or take a visit to the International Date Line where you can stand in the past and present at the same time.



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