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Yasawa Islands




Barefoot Kuata Island
Barefoot Manta island


Yasawa is made up of 20 volcanic islands that stretch for over 80km in Fiji’s west.

Expect soaring peaks covered in lush jungle and palm tree-lined sandy beaches – a quintessential Fijian paradise.

The islands were only opened up to foreign visitors in the 1950s, meaning you won’t find any shops or banks here – some of the islands don’t even have roads!

The remoteness makes this island chain all the more special, providing a true escape from everyday life.

Luckily, since opening up to tourism, a small number of hotels and resorts have been established, allowing guests to stay in paradise – at least for a short while! 

The Yasawas have a very definite tropical climate consisting of a wet and a dry season.


Wet Season: December to April

Higher rainfall, high humidity and high temperatures which average around 30ºC, with the occasional tropical cyclone.


Dry season: May to November

The average temperature is around 25ºC; however, hotter days may reach 30ºC




Due to the remoteness of this island chain, expect fewer dive boats and quieter dive sites. It’s this seclusion that’s the real drawcard for divers to venture to these islands.

Like much of the rest of Fiji, you can expect flourishing colourful reefs, caves and walls packed with hard and soft corals, reef fish, critters and the occasional pelagic such as sharks, turtles and rays.

Explore bommies and swim-throughs, or drift dive and relax as Yasawa’s thriving underwater metropolis slips past. And don’t forget to bring your torch and discover creatures that only come out at night.


Water Temperature

25-30°C – 3mm wetsuit/rashie


Dive Season

Diving in the Yasawa Islands is conducted year-round, but the conditions will vary. Visibility is best in the winter season. The diving is suitable for beginners with shallow reef dives to more experienced divers with deep and drift dives. For manta encounters, it’s best to travel between May and October.


Dive Highlights

Sawa-i-Lau Island

Known for its spectacular cave formations and for being one of the few places in the world you can dive to see ancient cave paintings. 


Manta Island

If you want to see huge manta rays, then you need to travel here from May to October when the rays come in for a feed and a clean. You will also find flourishing coral gardens here. 


Babylon Caves, Naviti Island

For experienced cave divers only, this complex cave system shows you the beauty of what lies beneath the island's surface. Forged from volcanic activity, this cave system requires some competent navigation skills before finishing at the top of a stunning reef wall. 



Like much of Fiji, Yasawa Islands are stunning examples of natural beauty. One of the most spectacular natural attractions of Yasawa Islands are the Sawa-I-Lau Caves. These limestone caves are filled with blue water which is a couple of degrees cooler than the external sea temperature. Take a dip and admire this amazing natural wonder. 


Kayaking & SUP

Many of the resorts available in Yasawa have Kayaks and SUPs. Glide over crystal clear waters, along beautiful volcanic coastlines and soak up this tropical paradise. 



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