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Guadalupe Island



Known for its population of Great White Sharks, Guadalupe Island is in the Pacific Ocean approximately 266 kms west of Ensenada, Mexico. With visibility often 30 metres +, this is one of the favourite expeditions of wildlife photographers and videographers from all around the world. This experience can only be accessed by liveaboard operators and most offer the adventure to divers & non divers (breathing from surface supplied air and/or scuba tanks).”

Only accessible between August and October. Temperatures are warm during the day with an average high of 31.5°C and a low of 22.5°C overnight. You can expect warm, mild conditions from August to mid-September. Mid-September to October is the start of the rainy season, and conditions can be a little rougher.



There are no reefs here, with the main attraction being the blue water diving with great white sharks. The waters around the island are part of a Biosphere Reserve, and shark diving expeditions occur during migratory season. Diving is done either at the surface or in submersible cages.

Water Temperature

20-22°C – 5-7mm wetsuit

Dive Season

From August to mid-September, the water temperature starts to cool, signalling the start of the Great White breeding season and attracting smaller and younger male sharks to the area. They are curious, excited, and high-spirited, which often leads to them crowding the cages. You will get the most up-close and personal experience with the sharks during this time as they try their hand at breeding with any females that arrive in the area early in the season. 

From mid-September to mid-October, as the waters cool more and the younger sharks have tired themselves out, the larger male sharks come into the area for their chance to mate. They are calmer and tend to be seasoned pro’s, so you can expect slower, more deliberate movements from them. These male sharks can get up to 5 meters long!

From mid-October into late November, the weather conditions turn rainer and rougher; however, this is the best time to see the largest male and female sharks. They scare off the smaller, younger sharks and settle in for the serious breeding season.


Dive Highlights

Cage diving with Great White Sharks!


Optional land excursions can be arranged by your consultant both in the US and Mexico

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