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Walindi - Kimbe Bay

Papua New Guinea



Walindi Plantation Resort


Kimbe Bay is on the north coast of the island of New Britain, the largest island in Papua New Guinea’s Bismarck Archipelago in the province of West New Britain. The bay is part of the Coral Triangle, the global centre of marine biodiversity, covering an area of 2.3 million square miles of ocean.

Kimbe Bay is stunning, landscapes of lush vegetation covered islands with soaring peaks, that plunge into a beautiful blue, coral reef filled ocean. With outlining low lying islands dotted through the bay. A real ocean lover’s dream.

There isn’t much to do apart from enjoying the bays flourishing marine ecosystem and stunning natural wonders, so if your perfect dive adventure is an excuse to relax in the peace and quiet of a remote tropical paradise then Kimbe Bay is for you!


Kimbe Bay has a tropical climate with little seasonal variation. Temperatures range from 24ºC overnight to 34ºC during the day all year. 

Wet season: December to April

Dry Season: May to November




Kimbe Bay is a world-renowned scuba diving hotspot, supporting an incredibly diverse marine habitat – coral reefs, mangroves, seagrasses, deep ocean waters and seamounts. Over 900 species of fish have been identified here, and the bay is home to 76% of the world’s coral species. The coral reef communities have remained mostly undamaged by human activity, and the area has become essential for marine science research, with a long term conservation strategy in place to protect the precious environment.

Whales, dolphins and sharks feed and breed in the bay’s waters. World-famous dives sites like South Emma, South Bay, Inglis Shoal, North Emma, Christine’s, Susan’s, and Restorf Island are only a few of the more than 200 reefs and dive sites sprinkled throughout Kimbe Bay. All are pristine and protected by a rigid policy of “Look but don’t touch”.

The area has spectacular coral reef diving and seamount/pinnacle diving. Pristine and colourful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life. A number of these reefs are home to schools of barracuda, jacks, and tuna, while hammerhead and silvertip sharks are a regular sighting. Giant barrel sponges, brilliant red sea whips and gigantic gorgonian fans combined with large schools of fish and the bluest of blue water provide an abundance of photographic opportunities. Killer whales, dolphins and dugongs all frequent the area. If you’re more interested in macro, you’ll be thrilled to hear you may come across some of the rarest nudibranch, tiny decorator crabs, intricate shrimps and a plethora of other critters.


Water Temperature

27ºC to 31ºC, 3mm wetsuit or rashie

Dive Season

Year-round diving. September to November and May to June typically have calm seas and the best visibility, while during the wet season (January to March) the waters are calm, but visibility is lower. During July to August, the south-east trade winds can make seas a little choppy and visibility drops. Visibility in the region normally ranges from 20 – 40 metres depending on the season.

Dive Highlights

Vanessa's Reef

Giant sea fans dominate the sea-scape. This natural wonder is known as "Amphitheatre". Barrel sponges and white trailing sea whips are also abundant. 


Bradford Shoals

A volcanic pinnacle rising up from over 650m. Schools of big-eyed jacks, barracuda, sea perch and surgeonfish dominate this dive.


Susan's Reef

Dense stands of Red Sea Whips (Ellisella sp.) give Susan's Reef a unique aesthetic quality that sets it apart from other Walindi reefs


Restorf Island

The waters around Restorf Island hold an incredible diversity of marine life. It would be possible to spend a week diving here and still find new things in the various habitat types around the island.




Absorb yourself in nature. Take a land tour and visit bubbling mud pools, bat caves, a water-filled volcano crater (Lake Dakataua), admire glittering fireflies, go bushwalking, birdwatching or picnicking at hot springs.



Visit a local village and learn about life here in the Kimbe Bay area. Or if you're into WWII history, visit one of the abandoned aircraft wrecks. 



Explore the area drifting above pristine reefs on the surface in a hired kayak, canoe or paddleboard.



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