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Bora Bora


© Image used with permission from © Grégoire Le Bacon - Tahiti Tourism


Bora Bora – known around the world as a first-class romantic destination – is the idyllic island escape. Volcanic peaks reach high into the sky, white sand beaches and Motu (islets) stretch for miles, and an extraordinary lagoon gently wraps itself around the island, creating its unique half island-half atoll geology. The island of Bora Bora is located on the leeward side of the Society Islands, in the western-most area of French Polynesia.


The island can be explored in a variety of ways, including jet skis, glass-bottom boats, yachts, and canoes. Underwater, discover a myriad of vibrant marine life including Napoleon Wrasse, Manta Rays, various species of shark, and a multitude of fascinating marine fauna and flora. For those that prefer to stay above the water, a hike up Mount Otemanu is rewarded with awe-inspiring views across the lagoon, and a picnic on one of the white sand Motu is never disappointing. Helicopter rides and 4-wheel drives are the perfect way to experience the culture, history and natural beauty of this island haven.

The climate in Bora Bora is tropical, and influenced by the south-east trade winds, with hot and humid conditions in the wet season, and cooler conditions in the dry season.


Wet Season: November – March

Expect high rainfall in the form of short, sharp showers throughout the day. Temperatures sit at 30°C during the day and drop to 24°C overnight. December to April poses the highest risk for tropical cyclones.


Dry Season: April – October

Rainfall and humidity drop off during this period, but you can still expect showers in the mornings, late afternoons and evenings. Temperatures are still warm, with an average of 28.5°C during the day and 23.5°C overnight. 



With crystal clear waters, visibility up to 30 metres, and fantastic biodiversity, Bora Bora is a treasure trove for divers.


You can look forward to diving with grey sharks, blacktips and lemon sharks, various species of barracuda, turtles, multiple species of rays, and much more!


Diving in Bora Bora is suitable for all levels of divers and has a little something for everyone. Coral gardens, passes, walls and drop-offs are just a few of the impressive structures that you can expect to explore in this underwater wonderland

Water Temperature

26°C – 29°C – 3mm wetsuit or rashie

Dive Season

The best time to dive Bora Bora is during the dry season when you’ll usually have the best under water visibility. Diving is available all year round.

Dive Highlights

Muri Muri

Take a short boat trip out to the open ocean, jump into the calm deep blue waters and marvel at this coral plateau leading up to a sandbank which is inhabited by a colony of gardener morays. Depending on weather conditions, this can be done as an anchor or a drift dive. Either way, Grey Sharks will accompany you on your journey. Keep an eye out for schools of Heller’s barracuda and jacks, as well as turtles and the occasional giant barracuda. Max Depth: 39m



A short boat ride along the lagoon brings you to a wall that is covered in anemones inhabited by clownfish. A plethora of tropical fish gather along this wall, and as you make your way to the sandbank at the bottom, you can look forward to seeing stingray and eagle rays searching for food. Depending on weather conditions, this can be done as an anchor or a drift dive. Max Depth: 30m



Known as a cleaning station for manta rays, this is an ocean dive that cannot be missed. Follow a slope covered with rose corals which provide food and shelter for a multitude of coral fauna. Max Depth: 25m


Teavanui Pass

Several steps will lead you to the middle of the pass. Black tip and white tip sharks can be seen, as well as schools of scads, barracudas, tunas…and sometimes manta rays. The way back, follows a wall with a variety of blue coral which cannot be found anywhere else.

Maximum depth : 30 meters



With volcanic slopes covered in jungle, Bora Bora is full of natural wonders. Explore this wilderness on a 4WD drive around the island which will take you to the highest look-outs with the best views, historical landmarks left behind from WWII, and local markets that allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of the island. For a real thrill, take a helicopter ride around the island and see the massive volcanic peaks towering over verdant tropical jungle and plunging into the aquamarine waters below. 


Water Activities

There are various ways to enjoy the beautiful waters surrounding this exotic island. Hire a kayak and navigate your way along the lagoon while brightly coloured fish flash past you. A glass-bottom boat tour allows you to stay relatively dry while you marvel at the underwater world below. For something a little more romantic, take a sunset cruise around the island where you can soak up the breathtaking scenery while sipping on a glass of sparkling wine. If you’re after more of an adrenaline rush, hire a jet ski and zip through the waters of the lagoon for hours on end. 

Whale Watching


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