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Tongatapu is inhabited by around 70% of Tonga’s population and is the home to the country’s capital – Nuku’alofa. Both the central Government and Royal Family reside on this island. 

The island itself is a flatbed of coral limestone sitting atop a submarine volcanic ridge. The island’s volcanic roots make it a fertile paradise, surrounded by smaller volcanic islands and pristine reef systems. The north of the island is home to a vast coral lagoon providing spectacular snorkelling opportunities. The island’s small size makes it quite easy to get around. Its fertile soil provides the perfect environment for the lush tropical forest to grow, supporting a whole range of tropical birds and flying foxes.

Culturally Tongatapu, like most of the country, has been heavily influenced by early European settlers and still follows strict Christian traditions. Sabbath is observed throughout Tonga, and very strictly too! If a local is found not observing this day of rest, they will find themselves issued with a fine. Luckily for visitors, these strict rules are waived. As businesses are closed, it will leave this slice of South Pacific paradise a quiet haven to explore. If you’re interested in experiencing a local church service, you will be welcomed into the congregation.


Tongatapu has a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. 

It’s warmer and wetter from December through to April. (23°C – 30ºC)

The climate is drier and cooler from May to November. (18°C – 27ºC)




Tonga’s most well-known water activity is, of course, snorkelling with humpback whales off the coast of Tongatapu during the whales’ annual visit to the island. To have a chance at hearing and seeing these gorgeous animals, you will have to visit the islands between the months of July and October. 

Apart from whales the islands volcanic and limestone geology have created some spectacular underwater landscapes and flourishing coral gardens. Limestone caves, tunnels, caverns and arches carved from thousands of years of running water provide the foundations to beautiful reefs and abundant sea-life. The nutrient-rich currents of the South Pacific bring along with it some of the world’s larger marine species, allowing you to see a plethora of different marine species, including dolphins, sharks, rays, tuna, marlin, barracuda, sunfish and turtles. It’s worth noting that the nutrient-rich, often fast running, currents that bring so much life to the area can impact the visibility.


Water Temperature

23-27°C, 3-5mm wetsuit

Dive Season

Diving is possible all year round. However, if you visit during July to October, you will likely hear and perhaps see (if you’re very lucky!) migrating humpback whales who journey to the region annually to mate and give birth.

Dive Highlights

Humpback Snorkelling

One of the most memorable experiences you will have in your lifetime. One of the few places in the world where you can get in the water with these magnificent creatures. You'll be in awe as these 12-16m marine giants sing and swim around you, sending their melodies vibrating through every fibre of your body. 


Outer Reef

Take in some typical Tongan marine geology as you dive on the island's outer reef. Coral covered canyons, caves and drop-offs provide shelter for a whole range of pelagics, including sharks, rays and turtles. 


Cathedral Cave

This site is located off Eua, one of Tongatapu's outer islands. This stunning natural wonder beneath the waves was only discovered in 2001. Enter the cathedral at 28m and be greeted by a 100m wide chamber spotted with naturally formed windows allowing ethereal beams of light to fill the cathedrals hall.




If you're keen to soak in the natural beauty and wildlife of the island, then a visit to 'Eua is for you. This small island is a short seven-minute flight from the main island and is home to a pristine jungle, dramatic cliffs and plentiful wildlife. Other notable natural wonders to enjoy are the Mapu'a 'a Vaea Blowholes, best visited on a windy day. As well as Hufangalupe Archway, a naturally formed land bridge,, which frames the surging blue Pacific Ocean below. 



If you're into surfing, then Ha'atafu Beach is the place for you! Make sure you get your surfing permit, then jump in to enjoy Tonga's best surf spot. Please note it is only recommended for experienced surfers. 



There's no shortage of interesting cultural sites to visit on Tongatapu. Nukuleka is said to be the site of the first human settlement in Tonga. Mu'a, the second largest town on the island, is home to ancient burial sites and tombs. Or you can visit the home of the Royal Family in the country's capital. And finally; a traditional Tongan feast is not to be missed!


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