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A continent encircled by pack ice and massive tabular icebergs, a beautifully mysterious place enticing explorers, adventurers and dreamers over the decades, Antarctica remains the last vast wilderness on earth. It is the coldest, windiest, and driest continent and is capped by an ice sheet that can be over 4 km thick. In winter, it is surrounded by vast swathes of sea ice even more extensive in area than the continent itself.

Antarctica is known for its thriving, unique wildlife, including seals, whales, and penguins. Penguin populations in some rookeries are counted in the tens of thousands. One of the characteristics of the south polar region is that all of its wild inhabitants are reliant on the sea.

Humans have never inhabited Antarctica, and recreational expeditions to the continent are relatively new. Antarctica is devoid of power lines, billboards, and highways. When the engines of your expedition vessel are turned off, the only sounds you hear are natural – wildlife, water, and the occasional boom of icebergs calving.


Two seasons; summer and winter.
Near the coast the temperature can exceed +10°C at times in summer and fall to below −40°C in winter.
It is only possible to visit Antarctica in summer, which is late October through to late March.

Warm waterproof clothing suitable for the expected summer temperatures in the region. This includes a warm winter coat, waterproof overtrousers, winter boots with good soles, ear muffs or ear band, fleece facemask, gloves, one thin pair and a thicker pair to go over the top, base layers, warm wool socks and comfortable shoes for on board the vessel.

No official currency. Port Lockroy accepts USD, GBP and Euro. Please see vessel guides for accepted currency on board.
Please see vessel information.
The continent as a whole has 10 time zones. Areas visited are in UTC -3.
Please see vessel information.



Scuba diving in Antarctica takes you into a relatively unexplored underwater world and invites you to absorb yourself in an icy world of immense biological diversity. You will encounter breathtaking ice structures framed by shafts of light from above and scores of marine wildlife, including unique varieties of kelp, sea snails, jellyfish, sea urchins, sea butterflies, starfish, isopods, crabs, anemones and soft coral. You might even get the opportunity to see fur seals, penguins, and also the formidable predator of Antarctica – the Leopard seal! If you’re a seasoned cold-water diver, then this is one for the bucket list. Experience an underwater wonderland that few are brave enough to dive into.

Scuba diving in Antarctica is not for beginners. Due to the extreme conditions of this unique dive destination, it is required that you are a confident cold-water diver, with at least 20 dry suit dives.


2 to -2 °C average water temperature. Dry suit only plus adequate undergarments.

Dive Season

Summer only

Dive Highlights

Captivating visibility, unique marine mammals and ice structures

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