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South Africa


South Africa - Kwa Zulu Natal
South Africa - Cape Town


South Africa is a country that is renowned for its cultural diversity, varied landscape and incredible natural beauty. Located on the southern tip of Africa, this U-shaped country has over 3,000km of coastline that wraps around from the border of Namibia in the west to the border of Mozambique in the east.

The topography of South Africa is astonishing. Encompassing soaring mountain ranges, sprawling savannahs, intricate river systems, large swathes of desert, luscious forests that meet the ocean, rich coastal wetlands and unspoiled sandy beaches, this landscape boasts 8 World Heritage Sites and houses over 290 conservation parks.

The diverse landscape creates perfect living conditions for a massive variety of flora and fauna, with more than 300 species of mammals, 860 species of birds and 8,000 plant species.

The country has a sorrowful and turbulent past with slavery and Apartheid being the two most well-known aspects of its history. It is also a melting pot of cultures, traditions and heritage which inspired Nelson Mandela to lovingly call South Africa the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

All of these aspects of the country work together to offer a truly unique adventure experience when visiting South Africa.


South Africa has two seasons: dry and wet. The timing of these seasons varies from province to province.
The dry season along the plateau is cold and sunny with clear skies; along the eastern coast the humidity dies off a bit and remains mild; the western coast is warm and bright and runs through their summer months. Expect average daytime temperatures of between 18°C to 24°C.
The wet season along the plateau and the eastern coast runs through the summer, so temperatures are high and it can be very muggy along the coast. The western coast has their rainy season through winter, temperatures are low and it can be very windy. Expect average daytime temperatures of between 19°C and 33°C depending on which province you’re in.

We suggest that you pack a variety of clothing layers to suit different temperatures. As you travel through the country, temperatures will often change, and it is best to be prepared. Evenings can become cool with wind and rain being common.

South African Rand
Take normal travel precautions when eating and drinking – tap water is not safe to drink unless boiled or chemically treated.



The cooler temperate waters around South Africa make it a hotspot for big marine animals! Due to the spectacular oceanography and mix of cold and warm currents whipping around the coastline, the region supports thriving populations of a diverse range of magnificent marine predators. These flourishing predator populations are a fantastic indicator of the health of the marine ecosystem overall. When you’re not being captivated by sharks, dolphins, seals or grouper, you’ll enjoy the colourful displays of critter life and ocean flora.

Water conditions in South Africa can vary day by day. Diving is conducted on semi-rigid ribs with launches taking place either straight from the beaches of via river mouths. These launches involve breaking through the incoming waves and can get bumpy. All divers joining a dive tour must hold an Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) certification as a minimum and be confident and comfortable in the water. If you are unsure whether your experience level is sufficient, please contact us.


17°C – 25°C 5-7mm wetsuit

Dive Season

Best time for Protea and Aliwal is November – August
Sardine Run – June – July

Dive Highlights

The Sardine Run in KwaZulu Natal South Coast – the biggest animal migration on the planet!

Cage-free shark diving with Tigers and Bulls at Protea Banks.

Thriving Grey Nurse shark populations at Aliwal Shoal

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