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Malta - Gozo


The Maltese archipelago is made up of the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and lies roughly in the centre of the Mediterranean Ocean.

The island of Malta is the largest of the three and is the cultural, commercial and administrative hub of the country. The second-largest island is Gozo which is known for its fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture nestled in a rural setting. Comino is mostly uninhabited, has only one hotel and is the smallest of the trio.

Malta holds appeal for various kinds of travellers. Whether you want to soak up the sun on a beautiful beach surrounded by some of the cleanest water in the world; take advantage of the vibrant nightlife, or explore 7000 years worth of captivating history, Malta has something for you.

Malta – Truly Mediterranean!


As Malta is in the Mediterranean its seasons are strongly influenced by the sea, and it has four distinct seasons:

Summer: expect hot, dry, balmy days with day-time temperatures averaging 30°C with a refreshing sea breeze and night-time temperatures dropping to a comfortable 21°C.

Autumn: enjoy daily temperatures of 24°C and wrap up warm as night-time temperatures drop to 17°C. Also, expect a few rainy days as autumn heads into winter.

Winter: expect mild days with the occasional cold spell brought on the wind from Central Europe. Daily temperatures average about 16°C, night-time temperatures drop to 10°C, and you can expect some rainy days.

Spring: daily temperatures reach an average of 20°C while night-time temperatures drop to 12°C and the rain starts to drop off as spring sails swiftly into summer.

As a European country, the accepted dress is the same as Australia – pack according to season. Please be mindful of dressing more conservatively if you plan on visiting religious sites.

Tap water is safe to drink throughout the Maltese Islands.



The Mediterranean provides the perfect conditions for diving due to the crystal clear blue water, calm conditions, and the copious amount of reefs, wrecks and caves. These aspects lend themselves to making the diving here some of the most interesting in the world for all levels of diving.

If you’re a lover of rust, then you will love diving here! Much of the legacy of the  World War II battle for Malta now lies in the clear blue waters that surround the island.

The variety of dive sites encourage a vast array of animals and plants.
See octopus, lobsters, Mediterranean parrot fish, bream, dusky grouper, cardinalfish and moray eels amidst the rock formations and breathtaking arches of the Blue Hole in Gozo.


15-18°C December to May Dry/Semi Dry
22-28°C June to November 5mm


Dive Season

Year round, most popular in the summer months between May and September.

Dive Highlights

Kristu tal-Baħħara – The famous underwater sculpture of Jesus
P31 wreck in Comino
The Madonna, caves, arches and walls in Malta
The Blue Hole and Cathedral Cave in Gozo

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