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Tahiti & Moorea

Dive & Whale Watch

7 Nights
6 Dives


Tahiti - Tikehau
Tahiti - Papeete
Tahiti - Rangiroa
Tahiti - Moorea
Tahiti - Fakarava
Tahiti - Bora Bora


French Polynesia, also known as the Islands of Tahiti, consists of 5 island groups: Tuamotu Archipelago; Society Islands; Gambier Islands; Austral Islands; and the Marquesas Islands. Tahiti, located in the Society Islands, is the most populous island and contains the country’s capital: Pape’ete.

The islands of French Polynesia have something for everybody, from spa treatments and 5-star dining experiences to hiking and scuba diving, you won’t be short of things to do.
Dive with sting-rays, whales and reef sharks in crystal clear water. Hike up one of the volcanic peaks and take in the unbelievable 360° views of ocean, bays, lagoons and mountains. Sit back, relax and soak up the sun on a pristine beach while listening to the gentle lapping of waves against the shore.

This island chain is linked through the belief in Mana. It is a divine life force that gives the Polynesian people their strength and sovereignty. Embrace the French Polynesian way of life and let Mana guide you while you take in all the riches that this beautiful country has to offer.


There are two distinct seasons throughout French Polynesia, the wet season and the dry season. Each season tends to be at a different time of year on each island, however, you can expect temperatures of between 27.5°C – 30°C during the day. In the dry season, expect temperatures to drop slightly on most islands. Daytime temperatures average between 24°C and 30°C. On the islands that lie further south, you will find that the climate is cooler and less humid.

We recommend light, casual clothing. Remember to dress modestly outside of your hotel or resort, particularly when visiting villages or shopping in towns. It is advised to cover up during dawn and dusk to avoid mosquito bites.

Pacific Franc – XPF
Type A, Type B and Type E
French Polynesia has 3 time zones Tahiti time GMT -10 Marquesas time GMT -9:30 Gambier time GMT -9
You can drink the tap water in Pape’ete and throughout the island of Bora Bora. In the other islands, ask if you can drink the tap water. If in doubt, drink bottled water.



No matter your level of diving, there is something for everyone. Novice divers will love the almost current-free dive sites that line the outer reef slopes of the Society Islands. Keep a lookout for clownfish, damselfish and Picasso triggerfish and encounter manta and eagle rays, turtles and sharks.

For the more advanced diver, there are some excellent drift dives in the Tuamotu Islands where you might spend some time with schooling sharks, manta rays and dolphins.

There are 19 species of shark that grace the waters around all the Islands of Tahiti. You can look forward to seeing black-tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, lemon sharks, silky sharks, tiger sharks, silver tips and hammerheads.

Suit up, take a deep breath and get ready to explore a brand new underwater world!


24°C – 28°C, 5mm wetsuit or 3mm wetsuit or rashie and boardies depending on season

Dive Season

November to April has the most pelagic activity due to the higher concentration of plankton, but you can dive year round.

Dive Highlights

Rangiroa,  Fakarava and Tikehau –  Tuamotu Island Group  

See the sharks, schooling barracuda and tuna, dolphins, and other pelagics along the passes of Tuamotu.


Bora Bora – Society islands

Watch the manta ray ballet between May and December.


Fakarava – Tuamotu islands

See the spawning of the marbled grouper between June and July.


Moorea – Society Islands

Marvel at the annual migration of humpback whales from July to November, where you can watch the calves learn and grow.

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