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Japan is an island located to the east of Korea and is made up of five major islands. Containing sparkling snow-capped mountains in the north, breathtaking beaches to the south and bustling, thrumming cities dotted in between, Japan ticks all the right boxes. Whether you’re into art, history, culture, food, wildlife or outdoor pursuits; Japan has something for you!

It is also the perfect dive destination for those who want a mix of above and below water adventures. The region we recommend for a fantastic dive experience is Okinawa.

Japan is full of endless discovery!


Japan has four distinct seasons.

Spring 春 (Haru): From March to May experience warm and pleasant weather with the lowest rainfall of the year. 17 – 27°C.

Summer 夏 (Natsu): June brings the onslaught of the rainy season, which then gives way to the hot and humid summer until the end of August. 22 – 27°C.

Autumn 秋 (Aki): With September comes cool fresh air and mild weather until the end of November. 15 – 20°C.

Winter 冬 (Fuyu): From December to February enjoy frequent sunny, dry days. 3 – 9°C.

Pack according to the season and location you wish to visit. Japanese dress is western; however, it is worth noting that it is quite conservative. Tattoos are associated with the mafia in Japan; if you have visible tattoos, please consider dressing to cover them up. Shoes are often removed upon entry to many places in Japan. If you are planning on visiting above-water attractions, make sure you are wearing shoes that are easily slipped on and off with socks. Socks with holes are not acceptable.

Type A and Type B
Tap water is safe to drink anywhere in Japan.



The region of Okinawa encompasses the southern two-thirds of the Ryukyu Archipelago which consists of approximately 160 islands of varying sizes. It stretches for 1,000 kilometres from east to west and 400 kilometres from north to south in between the Philippine Sea and the East China Sea. This area of the ocean is home to a vast array of marine creatures due to the warm tropical currents that flow here. Look out for captivating corals, colourful critters, and eye-popping pelagics, like hammerhead sharks and sea turtles. The currents in this area can be powerful, and many of your dives will likely be drift dives.


20 to 23°C December – April 5mm – 7mm
25 to 30°C May – November 3mm – 5mm

Dive Season

There’s a wide variety of species to see year round. See for more.

Dive Highlights

Underwater Ruins of Yonaguni, also known as Japan’s Atlantis
The schooling hammerhead sharks of Yonaguni

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