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Palau Central Hotel & Sam's Tours

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Palau Pacific Resort & Sams Tours

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Micronesia - Palau - Koror
Micronesia - Yap
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Micronesia - Pohnpei
Micronesia - Kosrae
Micronesia - Guam
Micronesia - Bikini Lagoon


Micronesia consists of more than 2,000 islands which are situated north of Papua New Guinea and to the west of Hawaii.

The local villages in the eight main island groups each have their own unique culture, language, history and attractions. Except for the larger towns Guam and Koror, they have maintained the traditional and cultural way of life, with few modern-day facilities.

Many of the islands and atolls that you see today are the peaks of massive underwater mountains or the rims of volcanoes, long since sunk, breaking the surface to form tropical lagoons.

Experience the warmth of Micronesia.


Micronesia has some of the most uniform year-round temperatures in the world, with an average daytime temperature of 31°C. Temperatures drop to 23°C overnight. The lowest rainfall period is typically experienced from January to March.

We recommend taking light, casual clothing. However, please be aware that the country’s culture and religion call for a more conservative dress code. Please consider this if you are planning on participating in above-water activities.

Type A and Type B
Palau is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); Guam, Chuuk & Yap are 10 hours; and Pohnpei & Kosrae are 11 hours ahead of GMT.
The water is safe to drink in major hotels and resorts, however it is always best to drink bottled water. A jug of drinking water is often supplied and bottled water is sold everywhere.



The remoteness and isolation of the islands of Micronesia make this area a diver’s and snorkellers paradise. The fabulous fish life, colourful corals and the many beautiful wrecks of World War II lend themselves to Micronesia being one of the world’s leading dive destinations.

Palau is known for its thrilling drift diving along channels, walls and coral gardens. You are bound to see schooling pelagics and various varieties of sharks frequenting the WWII wrecks in the area. Your trip to Palau would not be complete without a snorkelling trip to Jellyfish Lake and kayaking among the Rock Islands.

Chuuk, commonly known as Truk, is suitable for both novice and experienced divers. With over 42 WWII wrecks to choose from, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Kosrae is excellent for novice divers and underwater photographers owing to the crystal clear waters and the incredible coral reefs if the area.

A barrier reef surrounds Pohnpei with many passages that exit the lagoon into the open sea and, therefore, offer uncrowded current & channel dives, walls and drop-offs.

Yap allows you to enjoy reef diving, caverns and swim-throughs in an uncrowded environment while watching the manta rays that grace these waters all year round.


29°C – rashie or 3mm

Dive Season

Year round

Dive Highlights

WWII wrecks of Truk Lagoon, sharks, spectacular coral wall drift dives and jellyfish lake in Palau, the beauty of Ant Atoll in Pohnpei, manta encounters in Yap.

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