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Alofi is Niue’s capital and your gateway to enjoying the smallest island nation in the south pacific. It takes around an hour and a half to drive the island’s coastline, meaning that accommodation, activities and dive sites are all very accessible from anywhere on the island. 

The island itself is a quintessential Polynesian paradise. Officially Nuie is a self-governing state of New Zealand. Its government is based in Alofi and oversees the activities of the 14 villages around the island. The country’s only bank is located here in its capital, and the town is the centre of trade and industry for the country. 

From Alofi, you can visit some of the nation’s most beautiful spots. Niue is the largest coral island in the world, and it subsequently is home to some stunning beaches and stunning coastal landscapes. Dramatic coral structures, framed by beautiful sandy beaches, plunge into the gorgeous blue water. Stunning reef structures are located close to the shoreline and very easily accessed by snorkelers. You will find secluded natural pools created by sheltered reefs, dotted all around the island. Alofi and Nuie is a real paradise for ocean lovers.


The climate is tropical, warm and wet year-round, with no clear dry season. Average year-round temperature is 25°C.



As Nuie is a coral island, there is a lack of rivers, and the ground is very porous, which leads to spectacular visibility, sometimes up to 80m!

The water is warm, and life beneath the waves is flourishing.

The underwater topography is varied, with drop-offs, canyons and caves.

The reef, predominately made up of hard coral, drops to around 40 metres, where it levels off for a short distance before heading off into the vastness of the abyss.

There are numerous dive sites, some quite challenging.

Water Temperature

28°C, 3mm wetsuit or rashie

Dive Season


For migrating Humpback Whales, visit between June and November.


Dive Highlights

Snake Gully

Snake Gully has an abundance of timid sea snakes measuring up to a metre long. They ascend to the surface for a gulp of air before returning to probe the crevices of the reef for food. Along with the usual reef dwellers you will encounter reef sharks, barracuda, Maori wrasse, the comical anemone, surgeonfish, Moorish idol, regal angelfish, long-nosed butterfish, large fin bannerfish, the crown of thorns starfish and the elusive aqua Ribbon eel.

Spinner dolphins are in attendance all year. Every year, between June and November, the migrating Humpback Whales are a common sight frolicking around and breaching close to shore.


The Chimney

Enter a hole five metres below the surface and drop down vertically through the 'chimney' reaching "the fireplace" at twenty-seven metres. As you descend, the bubbles from the divers below drift past, giving you the feeling of being in space. Look up, and you have a silhouette of the following divers. At the base, you are in an arch from which you look out into the deep blue waters. The fireplace is a favourite haunt for crayfish.


Limu Twin Caves

This dive site is one of the further sites from the dive shop. However, it is definitely worth the trip. The dive is based around two vast caverns in the reef flat dropping down from a shallow 6m to 28m. As you make your way through the caverns, you can encounter Nudibranchs, Juvenile Scorpion Fish, friendly Sea Kraits, Spotted Rock Cod and on occasions a Black Tip Reef Shark or a Napoleon Wrasse. This is a great dive for those that enjoy caverns and swim-throughs but also has a variety of marine life, both large and small.




Take a dip in one of the many natural pools, hop on a boat and watch whales and dolphins, or jump on a bicycle and enjoy the peace and quiet exploring Nuie's palm tree-filled inland. 



There are numerous walking trails throughout the island, including those that include an exploration of some of the islands cave systems. There are walking tracks for all abilities, with many of them passing by some of the islands most stunning swimming and snorkelling spots.



There are numerous village festivals happening year-round, and many communities holding events to educate and share their heritage and culture with visitors. Admire local artisan crafts and artwork and pay a visit to the Niue National Museum, Tahiono Art Gallery or the Hikulagi Sculpture Park.


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