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Group Departures

Looking for that perfect getaway but don’t want to travel by yourself? Why not travel with a group and enjoy the company of other divers!

Dive Adventures has some special departures to some of the world's unique scuba diving destinations. You’ll find these listed to the side. If you don't find a Unique Group Departure to suit you , then please see All Our Group Departures below and browse our extensive list of escorted group trips on offer. The duration of the trips indicated below is given based on the number of nights. Prices shown apply to divers.

Please contact us for non-diver pricing or additional details on any of the departures.

Trip Type Code Key:
P = Photography M = Macro Diving T = Technical B = Big Fish I = Ice Diving W = Wreck Diving S = Snorkeling F = Free Diving

Group Departures

DATE Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
2 June 201713Dauin, Cabilao & Coron
Adelaide$ 4901.00S-20069LyndaFULL
3 June 20177Komodo - MV Mermaid II
Benoa - Indonesia$ 3999.00S-19228BlakeFULL
3 June 20178Philippines - Moalboal - Whale sharks
Perth$ 3040.00S-19559CodieFULL
4 June 20176East Timor
Darwin$ 2099.00S-20552ThiagoFULL
5 June 20178Sri Lanka - HMS Hermes
Sydney$ 4495.00S-19628AyaLIMITED
6 June 201711Micronesia - Palau
Brisbane$ 5579.00S-18778MarkLIMITED
10 June 20177Manado- North Sulawesi
Perth$ 2748.00S-19434EirinFULL
10 June 20177Fiji- Voli Voli Resort
Brisbane$ 2682.00S-18721MarkFULL
10 June 20177Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 3495.00S-20013ThiagoLIMITED
11 June 20177Vanuatu -Hideaway Island
Sydney$ 1599.00S-19490LyndaAVAILABLE
13 June 20176Espiritu Santo - Coolidge
Brisbane$ 2349.00S-19217EirinFULL
16 June 20177Philippine Siren
Sydney$ 4495.00S-20376AnneFULL
17 June 201711Truk Lagoon and Pohnpei
Brisbane$ 4320.00S-20277CodieLIMITED
18 June 20178The Philippines - Cebu
Adelaide$ 3426.00S-19731CodieLIMITED
24 June 20178Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 3495.00S-21037AyaAVAILABLE
26 June 20174Rodney Fox Expedition
Port Lincoln$ 2595.00S-18644TracyFULL
July 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
1 July 201712Galapagos Island - Master Liveaboard
Melbourne$ 11970.00S-16421CodieLIMITED
1 July 20178Philippines - Siren
Sydney$ 4495.00S-20363AyaAVAILABLE
2 July 201710Dive Timor Lorosae
Darwin$ 2870.00S-19519NinaAVAILABLE
2 July 20177Komodo Liveaboard
Bima$ 3750.00S-20169CodieLIMITED
6 July 20178Discover Munda
ex. ADL or BNE$ 2899.00S-19976CodieFULL
7 July 20178Pura Vida - Cabilao Island
Melbourne$ 3525.00S-19413CodieLIMITED
7 July 20178Philippines Siren Liveaboard
Sydney$ 4495.00S-20354ThiagoLIMITED
10 July 20177Solomon Islands - Munda
Brisbane$ 2695.00S-19748LyndaFULL
10 July 201710Dive Munda & Gizo
Brisbane$ 4476.00S-18338MichelleFULL
13 July 20178Dive Timor Lorosae
Darwin$ 2362.00S-20738EirinLIMITED
15 July 201714Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 4675.0021379AyaLIMITED
19 July 201710Freediving Expedition - Tonga
Melbourne$ 4690.00S-19931EirinFULL
21 July 20177Hide Away Island 7 nights
Brisbane$ 1679.00S-19611MarkLIMITED
21 July 201710Bali -Indonesia
Sydney$ 2325.00S-19795MarkAVAILABLE
21 July 20178Philippines - Dumaguete & Cabilao
Sydney$ 3158.00S-19756MarkAVAILABLE
22 July 20178Philippines - Moalboal and Bohol
Melbourne$ 4220.00S-20043CodieAVAILABLE
29 July 20178PNG - Walindi
Sydney$ 3795.00S-18752LyndaLIMITED
29 July 201712Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 4020.00S-20538CodieAVAILABLE
29 July 20177Philippines - Magic Oceans
Perth$ 3322.00S-20018CodieLIMITED
31 July 201710Dive the Coolidge
Perth$ 3699.00S-17320CodieAVAILABLE
August 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
4 August 201711Tonga with optional Fiji Combo
Melbourne$ 4122.00S-17944CodieLIMITED
11 August 201712Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 4447.00S-20262EirinLIMITED
11 August 20177North Sulawesi - Manado
Perth$ 2736.00S-20183CodieAVAILABLE
13 August 201713The Philippines - Malapascua and Cabilao with Dumagete Extension
Melbourne$ 4853.00S-19739CodieAVAILABLE
13 August 20179The Philippines - Malapascua and Cabilao
Melbourne$ 3507.00S-19708CodieAVAILABLE
13 August 20178Vanuatu-Hideaway Island
Sydney$ 1554.0021211AyaAVAILABLE
15 August 20176Vanuatu - Santo
Brisbane$ 1869.00S-19608MarkAVAILABLE
18 August 201711Malapascua & Cabilao
Melbourne$ 4688.00S-19472EirinLIMITED
19 August 20177Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 3495.00S-19873ThiagoAVAILABLE
21 August 20178Kavieng - PNG
Brisbane$ 2745.00S-20408MarkAVAILABLE
22 August 20178Gizo
Brisbane$ 3259.00S-20207TracyAVAILABLE
25 August 20178Santo - President Coolidge
Sydney$ 3265.00S-20088LyndaAVAILABLE
25 August 20177Dive Munda
Brisbane$ 3204.00S-19906CodieAVAILABLE
25 August 20177Hide Away Island 7 nights
Brisbane$ 1679.00S-19849MarkAVAILABLE
26 August 201711Truk - Blue Lagoon Resort
Brisbane$ 3760.00S-20806ThiagoAVAILABLE
26 August 201711The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 3971.00S-20230CodieAVAILABLE
September 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
1 September 20178Lissenung Island - PNG
Brisbane$ 3599.00S-19716MarkAVAILABLE
1 September 20179Solomons - Wrecks of Guadacanal
Melbourne$ 3819.00S-19016EirinFULL
1 September 20178Raja Ampat - Papua Paradise Eco Resort
Sydney$ 5699.00S-19820LyndaAVAILABLE
1 September 20178Lissenung - PNG
Brisbane$ 3599.00S-19716MarkAVAILABLE
1 September 20177Niue - Whale watching & diving
Brisbane$ 4200.0021244AnneAVAILABLE
2 September 20177Walindi Plantation Resort
Brisbane$ 3395.00S-20326LyndaAVAILABLE
3 September 20178East Timor
Darwin$ 2614.00S-17307CodieFULL
3 September 20178Fiji Siren Liveaboard
Brisbane$ 3875.00S-20529ThiagoFULL
4 September 20176Vanuatu - Aore Island Resort
Brisbane$ 2615.00S-20349CodieAVAILABLE
4 September 201710Bali
Sydney$ 2827.00S-20182AyaAVAILABLE
5 September 201712Santo and Port Vila
Brisbane$ 2750.00S-20277CodieAVAILABLE
9 September 20178PNG - Lissenung Resort
Brisbane$ 3599.00S-19681MarkAVAILABLE
10 September 20178Fiji - Siren / Beyond the Bligh
Sydney$ 3875.00S-20399LyndaFULL
11 September 20177East Timor - 7 nights
Darwin$ 2369.00S-19784MarkAVAILABLE
16 September 20178Truk Master Liveaboard
Brisbane$ 5083.00S-20438EirinLIMITED
16 September 201714Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 4372.0020848AyaLIMITED
18 September 20176Dive Timor Lorosae
Darwin$ 2288.00S-20601CodieAVAILABLE
18 September 20178Fiji Siren Liveaboard
Brisbane$ 3875.00S-20465ThiagoFULL
20 September 20178PNG-Nusa Island Retreat
Brisbane$ 2798.00S-19553NinaAVAILABLE
22 September 20178Tonga - Vauau
Melbourne$ 3700.00S-19625CodieFULL
23 September 20178Truk Lagoon - Truk Master
Sydney$ 5295.00S-20471LyndaFULL
October 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
4 October 20179Raja Ampat Liveaboard
Sydney$ 5599.00S-19932ThiagoFULL
6 October 20178East Timor
Darwin$ 2775.00S-19275EirinLIMITED
6 October 20177Munda
Brisbane$ 2995.00S-19959TracyAVAILABLE
7 October 201712Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 4523.00S-20204TracyAVAILABLE
8 October 20178Raja Ampat - Papua Paradise Eco Resort
Sydney$ 5935.00S-19971LyndaAVAILABLE
14 October 20177Papua New Guinea - Walindi
Brisbane$ 3299.00S-20621ThiagoAVAILABLE
15 October 20179Malaysia-Kapalai&Sepilok
Sydney$ 4998.00S-17717MerviAVAILABLE
16 October 20177Santo - President Coolidge
Sydney$ 2225.00S-19777MarkAVAILABLE
17 October 20177Fiji Sharks - Pacific Harbour
Sydney$ 3079.00S-21040MarkAVAILABLE
17 October 20176Dive the SS Coolidge
Brisbane$ 1778.00S-20765EirinAVAILABLE
19 October 20177Fiji - Sharks
Sydney$ 3079.00S-21040MarkAVAILABLE
23 October 20176Munda
Brisbane$ 2530.00S-20082LyndaAVAILABLE
24 October 20176Santo, Vanuatu
Brisbane$ 1797.00S-20505MarkAVAILABLE
30 October 20173Spirit of Freedom - 3 day, 4 day or 7 day trips
Cairns$ 1750.00S-19134ThiagoAVAILABLE
November 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
1 November 201710Aveyla Manta Village
BNE/MEL/SYD$ 4295.0020287NinaLIMITED
1 November 20178Truk Master Live aboard
Brisbane$ 5120.00S-20381MarkAVAILABLE
3 November 20178Vanuatu - Santo
Sydney$ 2495.00S-20844AyaLIMITED
10 November 20177Indonesia - Raja Ampat
Sydney$ 5920.00S-18865MarkAVAILABLE
11 November 20177Micronesia - Truk
Brisbane$ 3389.00S-20398MarkAVAILABLE
14 November 201711Raja Ampat- Siren
Sydney$ 7579.00S-20353MarkAVAILABLE
December 2017 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
1 December 20177Fiji - Beqa Island
Sydney$ 3459.0021293AyaAVAILABLE
27 December 20177New Years Party at Hideaway Island Resort
Sydney$ 1950.0020847AyaAVAILABLE
29 December 20177New Years Party at Hideaway Island Resort
Brisbane$ 1825.0021252ThiagoAVAILABLE

Group Departures 2018

February 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
9 February 20187Solomon Islands - Uepi Island Resort
Brisbane$ 4499.00S-20764MarkAVAILABLE
25 February 201813Mexico adventure - Socorro Islands and more
Mexico$ 6495.0020377ThiagoAVAILABLE
March 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
5 March 20187La Galigo Liveaboard - Raja Ampat
SYDNEY$ 5499.0020914MarkAVAILABLE
14 March 201811Truk Lagoon - Truk Master
Brisbane$ 6407.00S21164MichelleAVAILABLE
19 March 201812Undersea Hunter
Sydney$ 10965.00S-20710LyndaAVAILABLE
20 March 20186Dive the SS President Coolidge - Santo Vanuatu
Brisbane$ 2215.00S-20874MarkAVAILABLE
April 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
6 April 20187Palau
Brisbane$ 4869.0021350MarkAVAILABLE
14 April 20189Raja Ampat
Sydney$ 5596.00S-20728AnneAVAILABLE
14 April 20188Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 3395.00S-21291LyndaAVAILABLE
17 April 20186Vanuatu - Santo
Brisbane$ 2197.00S21282AgentLIMITED
22 April 20188Raja Ampat - Indo Siren Liveaboard
Sydney$ 6575.00S-20050AyaAVAILABLE
29 April 20189Raja Ampat - Indo Siren Liveaboard
Sydney$ 6574.00S-20012LyndaAVAILABLE
May 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
2 May 201810Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 3750.00S-20294ThiagoAVAILABLE
4 May 20187Uepi Island Resort
Brisbane$ 4086.00S-20524MarkAVAILABLE
4 May 20187Uepi Island Resort
Brisbane$ 4086.00S-20524AgentAVAILABLE
11 May 20187Philippines - Magic Island Moalboal
Melbourne$ 3389.00S-21184EirinAVAILABLE
18 May 20189Dive the Yacatan - Mexico
Brisbane$ 5649.00S-20270MarkAVAILABLE
19 May 20189Philippines - Dumaguete
Melbourne$ 4022.00S-20328EirinAVAILABLE
25 May 20188Maldives Master Liveaboard
Sydney$ 4262.00S-20697ThiagoAVAILABLE
25 May 201814Fiji - Beqa and Pacific Harbour
Adelaide$ 4791.00S21175TracyAVAILABLE
25 May 201810Fiji - Beqa and Pacific Harbour
Adelaide$ 4054.00S21174TracyAVAILABLE
25 May 201813Gallipoli - Turkey
Perth$ 4995.00S-20825CodieLIMITED
June 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
1 June 20187Uepi - Solomons
Brisbane$ 4096.00S-20520MarkAVAILABLE
5 June 201810Philippines Combo - Thresher & Whale Sharks
Sydney$ 3650.0020962ThiagoAVAILABLE
14 June 20189Indo Siren Liveaboard - Komodo
Brisbane$ 5999.00S-20396MarkAVAILABLE
15 June 201813Turkey Gallipoli
Melbourne$ 5238.00S21289MichelleLIMITED
15 June 20187Philippines Liveaboard- Southern Visayas
Melbourne$ 4501.00S-20461CodieAVAILABLE
16 June 20188Solomon Island - Uepi
Brisbane$ 4055.00S-19448CodieAVAILABLE
30 June 201811Komodo Siren
Brisbane$ 7699.00S-20445MarkAVAILABLE
July 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
2 July 20183Spirit of Freedom - 3 day Minke Whale expedition
Cairns$ 1845.00S-20702MarkAVAILABLE
11 July 20188Philippines - Atmosphere Resort - Dumaguete
Sydney$ 3299.0021320ThiagoAVAILABLE
17 July 201810Truk lagoon
Brisbane$ 3164.00S21112TracyFULL
21 July 20187Hideaway Island
Brisbane$ 1719.00S-20527AgentAVAILABLE
21 July 20187Fiji Pacific Harbour Ultimate Shark experience
Brisbane$ 2928.00S-20832MarkAVAILABLE
22 July 201815Bikini Atoll - Marshall Islands
Perth$ 14692.00S-20771TracyAVAILABLE
27 July 201810North Sulawesi
Perth$ 4749.00S-20097CodieLIMITED
August 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
4 August 20188Kapalai Resort
Sydney$ 4595.0020550AnneAVAILABLE
4 August 20188Uepi - Solomon Islands
Brisbane$ 4308.00S-19573CodieAVAILABLE
4 August 201812Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 4088.00S-20963CodieAVAILABLE
6 August 20189Port Vila & Santo Adventure
SYDNEY$ 2899.0021383MarkAVAILABLE
16 August 20189East Timor
Darwin$ 2659.00S-20334EirinLIMITED
17 August 20187Hideaway island - Vanuatu
Brisbane$ 1829.00S-20787MarkAVAILABLE
September 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
15 September 201812Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 4088.00S-20985TracyAVAILABLE
28 September 20187Uepi Island Resort
Brisbane$ 4099.00S-20489MarkAVAILABLE
October 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
12 October 201810Bahamas Master Liveaboard
Sydney$ 8750.0021142AyaAVAILABLE
20 October 20188Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 3199.00S21286MichelleLIMITED
24 October 20187Truk Lagoon - Truk master
Brisbane$ 5799.00S-20423MarkAVAILABLE
November 2018 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
9 November 20189Micronesia - Truk Lagoon
Sydney$ 5387.00S-19780MarkAVAILABLE
21 November 201811Dive the best of PNG - Tawali & Tufi combination
Sydney$ 5835.00S-21129ThiagoAVAILABLE

Group Departures 2019

April 2019 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
6 April 201910Galapagos Master Liveaboard - Trip of a lifetime!!!
Sydney$ 12095.0021237ThiagoAVAILABLE
May 2019 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
25 May 20197Discover the Wrecks of Truk Lagoon
Brisbane$ 3386.00S-20343EirinLIMITED
July 2019 Nights Destination/Type Dep Point Cost Ref No. Enquiries Availability
14 July 201914Bikini Atoll - Marshall Islands
Melbourne$ 14987.00S-20965EirinAVAILABLE

Please note all prices, locations and details are correct at time of site update. Duration is in "nights" (unless otherwise specified). Taxes and prices can change at anytime, please contact us for more information regarding these trips.

Whale Sharks and more!

Departing 07 July 2017

Ultimate Liveaboard Adventures - Philippines

8 Nights Ex. Sydney
from $4,495 - Diver

Truk Lagoon - Wreck Divers Special

Departing 19th August 2017

Dive amazing wrecks of Truk Lagoon

8 Nights Ex. Sydney
from $3,495 - Diver

Palau - Dive The Best Of Palau

Departing 06 June 2017

One for the bucket list - chance to dive "The Best of the Palau"

11 Nights Ex. Brisbane from AUD $5,579 - Diver

Solomon Islands Dive Festival 2017

Departing ex. Brisbane 02 October 2017

Unique chance to dive and discover the best of Solomon Islandsd.

7 days / 6 nights Ex.Brisbane from $3,175

Celebrate New Year 2018 - Hideaway Island Vanuatu

Departing 27 December 2017 ex Sydney

Dive and celebrate New Year on Hideaway Island - Vanuatu.

8 Days Ex. Sydney from $1,950 - Diver

Raja Ampat 2018 - One for the Bucket List

Departing 29 April 2018 ex Sydney

Indonesia - Raja Ampat - ultimate dive destination. Join this Special Group Deaprture aboard SY Indo Siren

9 Days Ex. Sydney from $6,575

NIUE "The Rock of Polynesia"

Departing from Sydney - 01 September 2017

Amzing diving and chance to swim with the whales!.

10 days /9 nights Ex. Sydney from $4200

Fiji - ultimate dive expedition

Departing 03 September 2017 ex. Australia

Dive the bet of Fiji aboard "S/Y Fiji Siren"

9 days Ex. Brisbane /Sydney from $3,875 per person

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