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Solomon Islands


Gizo is a tropical island of sparkling lagoons, crystal clear waters and palm-fringed beaches. You will find no shortage of activities departing from this stunning volcanic island. You can go snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, surfing, trekking and of course scuba diving. 

Gizo’s history is an interesting one. The island was taken over by the central government after surrounding island tribes joined together to obliterate the Gizo’s native tribe, who had a reputation and history of barbaric headhunting practices. This then allowed land and property to be easily obtained by non-traditional landowners, subsequently leading to Gizo becoming the hub of the Western Province. During WWII this hub was occupied by Japanese forces to provide them with a base in the South Pacific, leading to several wrecks being located in this region.


The equatorial climate is relatively warm and humid year-round. The average daytime temperature is 28 ̊C. Slightly cooler months are June through to August. It can be wetter from November through to April.



Gizo’s remoteness and minimal human impact have caused the marine environment around the island to flourish, creating lush underwater coral gardens teaming with life. Its WWII history provides many exciting dive sites alongside these stunning reef walls and coral formations. These marine environments offer the perfect home for a whole range of sea-life, including rays, turtles and a multitude of colourful reef fish. 

Dives are done from boats with dive sites are a short journey from shore.


Water Temperature

29˚C – 3mm wetsuit

Dive Season


Dive Highlights

Toa Maru

This wreck was once a WWII Japanese transport ship before it was run aground after receiving damage from an American attack. The vessel is around 140m long, lying between 7m - 37m. You will find a whole array of WWII artefacts, including medical supplies, saki bottles, ammunition, motorbikes and bombs. 


Plum Pudding Island

Historically interesting as the late U.S. President, John F Kennedy and his crew of the PT 109 were shipwrecked here. Learn before you go - watch the documentary on this event; "The Search for Kennedy's PT 109".


Grand Central Station

The clue is in the name. If you're after a dive site absolutely packed with life, then this is for you. It's located on the north-west tip of the island where two currents meet. You'll see large corals of all colours, sizes and shapes, schools of reef fish, sharks, trevally and batfish.



If you want a taste of Solomon Island culture, there are several different tours departing from Gizo. You can go on a bushwalk, kayak or climb to absorb yourself in the island's natural beauty. Visit shrines and rural villages. Or come face to face with WWII history, exploring gun forts, tanks and wrecks. 



Charter your own boat and go deep-sea fishing with knowledgeable local guides, before bringing back your catch for a Solomon Island feast!



There are some absolutely beautiful snorkelling spots around the island. Whether you're snorkelling off the shore or being taken to a secluded spot a short boat ride away, you're sure to enjoy swimming amongst the fishes in crystal clear warm water.



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Solomon Islands

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